Roofing Needed? How to Find a Good Roofer


“May the roof above us never fall in and may we good companions beneath it never fall out.”

~Irish Blessing

You never really appreciate the importance of a good roof until you don’t have one. And usually most home owners find out they have a bad roof at the worst possible times like during a pelting rain storm or an unexpected record snow fall. Not only do you have to frantically try to keep buckets under all the new leaks you are discovering in your home but you have to worry about the long term water damage as rain or melting snow leaks into your home’s insulation, dry wall and framing which can lead to mold and rot problems.

Finding someone who can give you back the Irish blessing of a good roof can be a bit of a challenge but not impossible. A large growing segment of consumers now count on the internet to do a lot of their leg work in finding a good business they can count on. A consumer based web site that has business reviews posted is a good way to find a business without finding a slew of biased ads or slanted opinions.

Once the consumer finds a few roofers who have been rated highly by past customers it is easy to line up a few for interviews. A face to face interview is really necessary to make sure that the consumer is comfortable around the roofing contractor and can have a good relationship with them. It is also a good way to get the answers to some basic questions. The consumer will need to know when the contractor can start and when the job should be completed. Even if the weather is bad some roofing contractors can go in and get a job done quickly with a large enough crew and have your home dry and snug again before the next downfall.

And even if the home owner is in a rush to just get it done, it is still important to take the time to understand what kind of roofing materials will be used. Again the internet can be a useful tool to finding answers about the pros and cons of various roofing materials and the roofing contractor can help advice on what types of material stand up best against the elements for the particular region you are in.

Homeowners who take their time to make a researched, intelligent decision and hire a roofer who has already been reviewed generally report a happier experience in the end and a long life to their Irish blessing.


Source by Aaliyah Arthur