Six Things to Hammer Down Before Hiring a Roofing Company


If you’re considering a repair or replacement of your roof, there are some important factors that should play into your decision. Most choices come down to two things: establishing the credibility of the roofer, and then documenting your transaction thoroughly. Any roofers who fail to meet these requirements probably aren’t worth the substantial sum you’re about to invest in them.

Bid and Beware

Often your first step in acquiring a roofer is to put out a bid on the job itself. In a nutshell, you should describe your job to a roofing company, and they should offer a bid for the price of the whole job. You will repeat the process until you find the right number. However, be aware that the lowest bid is not always the best. Often, undercutting others means that roofer is going to use poor quality materials or shoddy methods. Make sure to question your lowest bidder on how he arrived at his number, and make sure to do the following checkups on his business, as well.

Business Lifetime

It is important to determine how long a roofing company has been in business. New businesses are difficult to trust, as they might not offer a warranty that you will find satisfactory. Also, they won’t have the background of customer reviews that you can accurately gauge your decision on. It is better to stick with a company that has several years and quite a few clients under their tool belt.

Certifications and Security

Speaking of warranties, you will want to make sure that the roofing company you are hiring has adequate licenses and insurance. Though most states have laws requiring minimum mandates, you might be surprised at how many people only do the minimum. Be sure to inquire about workers’ comp as well, since roofing accidents are unfortunately common. Businesses operating without the proper protection could open you up to a lawsuit. Even worse, they could damage your property and have no recompense available.

Reputation, References, and Reviews

While you are looking into their history and background, ask the roofing company to forward you a list of references. Usually, they will only give you the customers that they have received positive feedback from, so also check out their reviews with the BBB. While you’re at it, Google their company name and make sure nothing unusual comes up. People tend to post online when they’ve had a bad experience, so you will probably find the truth of how they’ve handled poor experiences in the past.

Communication is Key

Try and find a roofer who is willing to document everything in detail. Look for a roofing company that is always willing to answer your questions, and one that provides you with written versions of each detail if necessary. There are countless steps in this kind of project, and you will want the ability to have questions answered at any time. If you neglect to communicate your wants and needs properly, you might be unhappy with the end results, or worse, your final bill.

Guarantees are Golden

Speaking of communication, and especially regarding written documentation, you will want to go with a roofer who offers a guarantee. These written agreements give you the additional reassurance that if something does not go according to plan, everything can be fixed. Keep in mind that materials are sometimes covered by a warranty, but the installation might not be. Make sure to clarify and discuss that essential difference beforehand. Finally, once you’ve gone over all of these details, make sure cleanup and other minor aspects of the project like the timetable. Once everything is all squared away, you should be ready to get your new roof.


Source by Aaliyah Arthur