Spanish Tile Clay Roofs – Benefits and Beauty


Spanish Tile Clay Roofs are most certainly among the most beautiful roof designs ever invented. Dating back centuries, these tile roofs endure the test of time, often still intact after far more than a century. That is a primary consideration when deciding on a new roof for your home or business. Though more costly than many other kinds of roofing, spanish tile is likely the last roof you will ever need to install, for a number of reasons.

  • Due to the nature and design of these tile roofs, they will more than likely out-live the homeowner.
  • They are highly resistant to adverse weather, and usually even very severe wind and storms.
  • Made of clay, whether Morrocan Clay, Bentonite, or another, they are essentially fire-proof.
  • Properly installed, by a professional roofer, your roof will carry a very long warranty life.

The insulation factor is certainly worth mentioning, with a Spanish Tile Roof. No other roof provides the cool, comfortable atmosphere in the hot summer, as does a clay tile roof. The tile’s thickness and material character, insulate from the heat in much the same manner as does a cave or other natural structure. In those cold winter months, little heat is lost from your home, that thick layer of clay roofing above you keeps the heat inside. Thus, the added benefit of substantially lower heating and cooling bills, saving you money on necessary utilities.

Important considerations:

  • Tile roofs are very heavy. On a new structure, you’ll want your roof framing engineered as needed.
  • Predominant in more arid climates, in wetter areas a weather-proof membrane may be added.
  • Talk to your insurance company. A Spanish Clay Tile roof might get you much lower rates.
  • Not just any roofer can properly install tile. Research and find a real professional roofer.
  • Don’t limit yourself on color. There are red, tan, brown, white, black, even blue, and more.
  • Be creative. Your roof can be a mosaic of mixed colors and unique original design.
  • Individual tiles can be replaced. When damage occurs, an entire roof isn’t needed.
  • Roof structure can be washed, power-washed. Just keep in mind paint, etc.

Whether seen in the USA, Italy, Morroco, Spain, Mexico, Virgin Islands – you name it … Spanish Tile has a look, feel, and warmth no other type of roof exudes to the on-looker. There’s just nothing quite like peering down from the mountainside, or even from an airplane – than the jigsaw-like, mixed colors and designs in a neighborhood with scattering of Terra Cotta and/or Spanish Tile Roofs.


Source by Norman M