Thatch Roofing in South Africa


Thatch roofing in South Africa dates back to pre European settlement of the areas that now make up the country. In fact thatching is still regarded in many parts of what is now modern South Africa to be a traditional craft skill and is practiced by rural communities in the provinces of KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape.

Why choose a thatch roof for your home?

Thatch roofs in Africa not only blend in well with the local flora and surroundings, but they are aesthetically pleasing, functional and extremely durable. South Africa also has very strict thatch building regulations enforced by the Thatcher’s Association of South Africa (TASA) that ensures only the latest thatching techniques are used to build thatch roofs in urban residential areas around the country.

Did you know? The Thatcher’s Association of South Africa regulations have been adopted by the South African Bureau of Standards as the national standard for all thatch roofs erected in the country.

The thatch roof building process

With the high standard of this kind of roof building workmanship in the country it should come as no surprise that the thatching industry has a reputation for hand selecting raw materials of superior quality with the following guideline specifications:

• Even the wooden structures used to create and build such roofs in the country are of the highest quality and are in most cases use treated Eucalyptus poles & laths.

• The actual thatch is installed in a 180 – 230 mm thick layer in all roofs manufactured to South African thatching guidelines.

• Every Thatching project has its own dedicated project manager from start to finish.

• All of the best thatching companies in South Africa offer workmanship guarantees. This shows a belief not only in their work ethic, but also their product.

How much does a thatched roof in South Africa cost?

The cost of a such roof in the country depends entirely on the actual span of the roof that is required. A good rule of thumb for working out the cost is:

“The greater the span of a Thatched roof, the higher the cost per square meter.”

Please Note! The exact cost of a roof can only be determined from engineered structural drawings. Never accept a rough estimate as a quote as it can create a payment and billing issue after the work has been completed.

How long does it take to thatch a roof?

The size of the roof structure will determine the time taken to build it, but a well trained thatching team of three men working in normal weather and building conditions should be able to thatch between seven and ten square meters of surface area per day.


Source by Justin K. Atkins