Tiki Hut Roofing – Get Informed


Lo and behold the tiki hut and tiki decor in general is coming back in style and it seems that just about everyone now wants to have a quaint tiki hut sitting in their backyard. Even if you don’t have a swimming pool, a tiki hut or bar area will draw your family and guests like ants to spilled Pepsi.

The Grass Roof Look

Of course you have several design options to choose from, as far as the basic structure is concerned but when it comes to the roof of your tiki hut, you are rather limited with regards to its basic look.

Grass or Palm Fronds

It’s grass or palm leaves stitched or stapled down in a few different ways but in the end it will have that basic natural look that comes from the tropics where this type of roof is still in common use.

Tiki Hut Grass Shingles

Rule number one, is that the roof must be rather steep. That is unless you are using new tiki style grass shingles. These are in fact a standard manufactured shingle that has a shaggy hairdo made out of synthetic grass.

A Much Better Product

They are applied in the same fashion as standard asphalt shingles and shed water much better than standard grass or palm fronds. They also last much longer too and are also far less of a fire hazard.

Stapled Down on a Plywood Sheeted Roof

Another benefit if this type of shingle is that it is applied on top of a standard sheeted plywood roof. This might not mean much to you at first but wait until you see how difficult it is to construct a lattice work roof structure out of sticks, such as you will find in the tropics.

Tiki Hut Accessories

However; if you are determined to go with natural thatch or palm fronds, they too are available over the Internet and you can also purchase this type of roofing material that has been treated with fire retardant. Either way you go though, one thing is for certain and that is that you will also need plenty of tiki hut accessories to complete the total look of your tiki hut.


Source by Jenny Gremoland