Understanding the GAF Roofing System Plus Warranty


There are many things to consider when you get new roofing for your home. First, you must choose what kind of roofing (material) you want to use. Next, you must find a roofing contractor offering the brand and style that you desire. You need to carefully research that company to ensure that they are one of the best roofing companies in town, or you may risk having poor work done on your home. Finally, you need to consider what type of warranty you want the entire job to have.

Many homeowners overlook the last element of that equation, only to discover years down the road how crucial the warranty can actually be. All the fine print of any guarantee should be read carefully, especially when you may be paying extra for particularly strong assurance. Most warranty programs available cover substantially similar elements of the product, and have similar durations. There is one that stands out, offered by the GAF company. This System Plus warranty has several unique features which separate it from other guarantees on the market.

The Basics of System Plus

Most traditional (roof) warranties cover 10 years, and typically do not cover any aspect of workmanship required to replace possible defects. Labor coverage has typically been bare, even from the companies known for their strong roofing. There was no requirement for certification of the roofer in order to offer the guarantee, and the homeowner would still be responsible for much of the costs.

The GAF System Plus (warranty) is an interesting industry-first departure (document) from the old model. Purchased as an upgrade from the standard protection level, the System Plus comes with several added benefits. The coverage of all parts is extended to 50 years. In addition, the entire system is protected, meaning the layers underneath the actual shingles as well as the shingles themselves.

In addition, GAF offers protection to help defray costs that most analysts and homeowners alike tend to overlook. For example, the costs of removing the shingles that need to be replaced are accounted for, as are disposal costs. Finally, GAF also requires that a contractor be certified before he or she can offer this option to clients.

Comparing System Plus With Other Guarantees

The protections offered by System Plus are among the best in the industry, yet many homeowners may balk at the idea of a more in-depth protection option for a higher price. The ultimate question is whether it will be worth it for your individual home to invest now, and avoid paying more at a later date.

Many homeowners do not realize that roofing contractors install one of the most vulnerable elements of a house. The shingles are constantly bombarded by the elements. Tree branches and other debris can further complicate the problem. In addition, poor installation can make the entire job worthless – and if that happens, it must usually be done over from scratch.

While typical protection covers some of these scenarios, the new offering from GAF covers virtually all of them. You may decide not to select this type of protection for your own home, and that may be the right choice for you. The key is simply to make an educated, informed decision when you select your roofing companies and pick your protections.


Source by Chris A. Harmen