Why You Should Consider Torch Down Roofing


Torch down roofing is a common method used by many homeowners. It uses modified bitumen sheets in a fiberglass base sheet. It’s proven to give a great durability to the roof. The expense of this method is higher than the conventional tar and gravel method. The main advantages of touchdown roofing are attractiveness, waterproofing and good insulation. It can survive and rain and snow. These roofs re resistant to UV rays too. It characterizes in low maintenance too, because of the asphalt material.

Installing torch down roofing is not very complicated but requires a lot of attention. You will need at least 2 people for this task. Things you will need are eye protection and safety clothes. Pay a special care with the ladders. Torch down roofing may cause an unexpected fire, that’s why a safety gear is an absolute must. Although the base sheet should be fire-resistant, pay special care not to use a flame torch near any wood.

Main tools you should obtain are: hot flame torch, knife, secure clothing. You can acquire the materials from the roofing supplier. Check few before making a decision to find the best deal.

Installation of this roof may not require to remove the old one. It depends on your current roof conditions. If it’s smooth and stable, you may go ahead and install torch down roofing. If you are not sure, contact the roofing contractor or some expert.

The costs vary, it depends if you will install the roof by yourself or hire a roofing contractor. The material costs can vary too.

When you are hiring a contractor, check their client testimonials. Make some research to assure yourself they are legit and real experts. Choose 4-5 contractors and find 1 with the best price.


Source by Victoria A Stewart